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Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire in Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica

Available in paperback (244 pages) and on Kindle. ISBN13: 9781573443722
Copyright © Marquesate 2009.

Friendly Fire is a short story, set in the modern war in Afghanistan. British Sergeant Major Phil Mason, and American Gunnery Sergeant Jon Rivera, engage in friendly fire - only to encounter enemy fire, that forces them to work together to survive in the Afghan mountains.

In true Marquesate style, those two soldiers are alpha men, fuelled by aggression that finds an outlet in more than fighting.

Friendly Fire is part of the Special Forces anthology, published by Cleis Press. The anthology is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Short Excerpt of "Friendly Fire" © Marquesate 2009

A cloud of dust in Phil’s peripheral vision announced the arrival of his patrol partner. He lifted his head, only to freeze at the sight of the man who was walking toward him: tall, broad, dark hair and eyes, now hidden beneath helmet and shades, rendering the features almost unrecognizable from those of any other soldier, except for a bruise, right on the chin, matching the one on his own jaw.

The recognition was immediate, the other slowed, then picked up pace again. “What fucking joke is this?” The American pointed at the British Army Land Rover. “This piece of crap isn’t even armored.”

“Shut the fuck up, asshole. Too scared to get your precious ass out of a Humvee?”

“Kevlar strips for ‘extra protection’? That’s all? My mom’s pocket gun would take this piece of crap apart.”

It took all of Phil’s willpower not to hit the bastard. “Get your fucking ass into the
vehicle. This is a reconnaissance mission." He started the engine. “We’re in and out of there like a squaddie in a whorehouse. Your bloody Humvees are too slow and cumbersome.”

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Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication Date: October 2009


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