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 Deliverance (2011)

Deliverance is the story of Hooch, a US Delta Force soldier and Matt, his former-Jarhead lover. It is a spin-off from Special Forces and spans the years 1998 to 2011.

Nothing in life is ever simple, especially if you are a Delta Force instructor and an ex-Marine trying to make a new life together - not when you live under the constraints of 'Don't ask, Don't tell', the shadow of nightmares, and a darkness that will destroy you unless kept in check.

Deliverance © Marquesate and TA Brown 2011. All rights reserved.

Deliverance is available in paperback, as ebook and for Kindle from Camouflage Press. As a special treat Deliverance can also be read online on this site by following the links in the navigation.

Special Forces

 Special Forces - original version (2006-2009)

Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier. The epic consists of three cycles: Soldiers, Mercenaries and Veterans.

Special Forces is available to read for free on this website: Read online

Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last war in Afghanistan. Behind enemy lines respect and finally love grow ... but that's only the official version.

This novel spans across over twenty-five years of their lives. It's harsh and violent, but life is cruel and they just do what they need to survive.

Special Forces © Marquesate and Vashtan 2006-2009. All rights reserved.

Special Forces is available in paperback for print-cost only from Camouflage Press, and the ebook version is available as a free download.

It can also be read online on this website.

Marquesate 2006 Copyright and Disclaimer All rights reserved