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Camouflage Press: Military Gay Erotic Fiction
Marquesate writes about men in uniform.

Gritty, sweaty, action-packed tales about soldiers of the British Forces, the French Foreign Legion, and the US military. Men who are torn between their duty, their idea of self, and their sexuality.

Marquesate's men don't wear suits and never will. They are in camo, in uniform, in tatters or in tailored Mess dress, and they are always tough and ready for a fight - justified or not.

These men are eternal alphas pitched against their equals, and it is their determination and loyalty to themselves and their comrades in arms, that becomes their saviour and their downfall.

These soldiers are grounded in their military context and thrown into a maelstrom of duty, comradeship, hostility and courage, to emerge scarred, battle-hardened and touched at the very core of their selves - by an enemy, a friend, a foe or an ally.


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